Steam Desuperheating Calculation

Solved Examples

Superheated Steam at 10 Bar A Pressure & 300 oC Temperature is to be desuperheated to temperature of 190oC using Boiler Feed Water available at 15 Bar A and 150oC. Estimate the amount of water and superheated steam required to produce desuperheated steam at rate of 10000 Kg/hr.

Steam 8973.95 Kg/hr
Boiler Feed Water 1026.05 Kg/hr

Superheated Steam at 150 PSIG Pressure & 450oF Temperature is to be desuperheated to 15oF above its saturation temperature using boiler feed water available at 150 psig & 250oF. Desuperheated steam to be produced at the rate of 5000 lb/hr.

Steam 4804.55 Lb/hr
Boiler Feed Water 195.45 Lb/hr